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Reduced tillage and green manures for sustainable organic cropping systems

The TILMAN-ORG project’s overall goals are to design improved organic cropping systems with:

  1. enhanced productivity and nutrient use efficiency,
  2. more efficient weed management and
  3. increased biodiversity, but
  4. lower carbon footprints (in particular increased carbon sequestration and lower GHG emissions from soils).

These goals will be achieved by adapting and integrating conservation agriculture techniques (in particular reduced tillage and improved use of green manures) into organic farming systems to intensify biological soil functions like nutrient cycling, soil carbon build-up, and biological nitrogen fixation, while at the same time optimising management protocols for weeds (which are the main challenge when introducing minimum tillage systems).

The project’s dissemination activities will target farmers, advisors, and the scientific community, but also the agricultural support industries and policy makers. The main innovative strategy of the project is to adapt conservation agriculture approaches to organic farming drawing on existing field experiments across Europe.

The following institutions are partners of the TILMAN-ORG project: