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More than ten percent organic agricultural land in 2009

Recently a brochure was published about organic farming in Estonia. It informs extensively about the current situation.

In Estonia, organic land has expanded more than ten times since 2000. In 2009, 102'767 hectares were managed organically - 18 percent more than in 2008.
By 2009, the organic land constituted more than ten percent of all agricultural land in use, and there were 1278 organic producers. In addition about 36'000 ha natural areas were certified.

One of the reasons for this growth is the financial support since the year 2000.
The size of organic farmland has expanded from year to year, to an average area of 80 hectares. The largest organic farms have over 1000 hectares of land.

However, processing and marketing has not kept up with this growth. The Estonian Organic Farming Action Plan 2007–2013 and the Estonian Rural Development Plan 2007–2013 will contribute to the expansion of the organic sector in Estonia.

Brochure can be downloaded here.